The Internet, Health and Network Marketing: When Health is Your Wealth

Healthy Network Marketers Have a Challenge

There are over a million Network Marketers in health-related home based
business opportunities. We believe we are making the world a healthier
place, one person at a time. Being a part of changing someone's health
and wealth is great, but what do we do when we run out of willing

In a Network Marketing business opportunity, finding prospects is always an issue. When you have Network Marketing health products, the problem is the same, with the added twist that the prospects may not be willing participants in changing their health in order to fully benefit from your home based business opportunity. The result? Health-related Network Marketing businesses may have a harder time finding prospects than others.

Have you ever thought about it that way? Finding prospects who are interested in nutritional products as a business opportunity may be more daunting, than if you were marketing something like bottled water. That is because our Network Marketing business associates will need to at least attempt to be a "product of the product" in order to be successful in their own healthy home based business. I know many people who don't even believe in taking vitamins. Those aren't the prospects we are seeking.

So how do you find the people who think "health and wealth" like you, and want a home based business in the Network Marketing Health and Wellness Industry? You attract them! No more asking people you run across in public places. No more calling prospects over and over to ask them to consider improving their health and wealth. No more cold-calling people who haven't asked to hear about your Network Marketing business opportunity. Have you noticed people like the idea of "getting healthy" to be their own idea?

It's time to hear about how to find those prospects that understand the value of nutritional products and want to benefit from them with improved health and wealth. It's called Attraction Marketing, and you learn how to attract prospects on the Internet. Finally, a method of attracting the right people to you instead of running up against the "it hadn't killed me yet" prospect!

It is so wonderful to hear those magic words, "I want to talk to you about being a part of your Network Marketing business team". Everyone involved in a Network Marketing business has a right to hear those words at some point in their business. Learning Attraction Marketing on the Internet will bring you those prospects that are attracted to you, based on how you choose to market your home based business. We know those prospects are out there and want what we have; we just have to locate them in a different manner than we are accustomed to.

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